Collections & Collector's Insurance

Insurance for collections

Insurance For Collections

Insurance for collections is one of our specialities because as insurers we understand just how precious, not to mention valuable, personal collections can be.

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Collections and collector’s insurance

Tollgate Private Clients offer you peace of mind knowing that should the worst happen to your collection, your insurance cover is professionally and expertly arranged to offer you the best possible protection.

Collectables are a complex area within the insurance world. As a result, within the Tollgate Private Clients’ team are experts with significant experience and specialist knowledge. There’s no better way to protect your collection than with a cover that is expertly matched to the items.

Our collector’s policies include as standard, ‘all-risks’ cover, meaning that any risks the contract does not specifically exclude are automatically covered. We also assist our clients with recommending approved valuers to ensure their possessions are correctly covered by our policies.

By listening to our clients and our underwriters, Tollgate Private Clients creates tailor-made policies and in the unfortunate event of a claim, our team will assist you through the process swiftly and efficiently. At Tollgate Private Clients we cover all manner of collections; from fine art, antiques and stamps, to pop and sport memorabilia, automobilia, books, dolls and toys.

Call us to arrange a collector's insurance policy with bespoke cover designed specifically for your unique and valuable collection.


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Art & Collections Insurance Specialist

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    Tollgate Private Clients cover all manner of collections from:
    fine art, antiques and stamps, to pop and sport memorabilia, automobilia, books, doll, toy and any other valuable collections.

    Fine Art Insurance Cover

    Fine Art Insurance

    Insurance policies for art collections can include cover for work by modern and living artists as well as older paintings is covered.


    Rare Stamp Collection

    Stamp Collector's Insurance

    Stamp collections are a trusted investment, as a result, insuring your stamp collection correctly is vital.

    insure your vinyl record collection

    Record Collection Insurance

    Do you have a record collection?

    Talk to an advisor today and get your collectable vinyl records or CD's properly protected.

    Toy collector's insurance

    Toy Collectors

    Tollgate Private Clients offer bespoke insurance policies to cover valuable toy collections.


    Insurance for book collections

    Book Collections Cover

    Insurance for book collectors. Books have been collected for thousands of years – from scrolls to present day limited editions, get your collection covered today.

    Guitar collector's insurance

    Guitar Collection Insurance

    Insure your collection of guitars and limit the damage should the worst happen.

    Insurance for coin collectors

    Coin Collector Insurance

    Tollgate Private Clients are insurance specialists offering bespoke policies to cover valuable coin collections against theft, damage or loss.


    Figurine Collector Insurance

    Figurine Collector Insurance

    Our tailor made figurine collector's insurance policy will fully cover your collectables against theft, damage or loss.

    Whiskey Collection Insurance

    Whiskey Collection Insurance

    Tollgate Private Clients have the expertise to create a unique policy to cover all wine & spirit collections.

    Collectable Antiques Insurance

    Collectable Antiques Insurance

    Tollgate Private Clients have been creating bespoke collector's insurance policies for over 20 years.


    car collection

    Car Collection Insurance

    Car collectors feel at ease with specialist insurance for car collections big and small.

    Doll Collection Insurance

    Doll Collection Insurance

    The value of doll collections increase over time, finding the right insurance policy is easy with Tollgate Private Clients.

    Collection Insurance

    At Tollgate Private Clients we cover all manner of collections; from fine art, antiques and stamps, to pop and sport memorabilia, automobilia, books, dolls and toys.

    Tollgate Private Clients collector’s insurance policies will keep your valuable collections safer, so please contact us today for more details.

    Fine Art

    Tollgate Private Clients fine art policies focus on collectables of visual art.

    From living, modern artists to older, admired paintings, when it comes to the level of cover, you can rest assured that your fine art collection is insured to its true value.

    The Tollgate Private Client executives work with recommended, reputable valuers having built relationships with key partners in the art collection insurance industry for many years and will ensure that the level of insurance offered is completely matched to your lifestyle.

    Many owners undervalue collections and risk a lack of protection against some of the most valuable items in a household. From oils, water colours, pastels, sketches, mixed mediums and prints, our executives will source the most appropriate cover to suit your specific needs.

    To discuss your collection, contact us today on 01708 609 609 or email Kesley, our collection insurance specialist.

    Stamp Collector

    Often looked upon as a trusted investment, securing the most appropriate insurance for your stamp collection could be vital.

    At Tollgate Private Clients, our experts work hard to create a bespoke philatelist insurance policy that provides peace of mind to those looking for the best protection.

    Our executives understand the years of collecting and effort put into items, such as stamps and will create a tailored insurance policy for your exact collection. Something as unique as your collection deserves unique insurance.

    Our account managers will guide you through the insurance application, removing the hassle, taking care of everything and if the worst happens, they will manage the process effectively.

    To talk about your insurance needs and to get a quote for your stamp collection, contact us today.

    Record Collection Insurance

    With something as fragile as a record collection, securing the relevant insurance is prudent.
    Your dedicated Account Manager from Tollgate Private Clients will source appropriate cover, ensuring that your vinyl collection is insured against accidents that could damage your most cherished records.

    Record collection insurance can be built specifically around your unique assortment, providing peace of mind and although perhaps damage may cause irreplaceable and sometimes sentimental damage, our policies will guarantee to financially compensate you should the worst happen.

    You can’t control disasters but you can control how you prepare for potential damage to your record collection.

    If your record collection is highly sought and valuable, it also makes it a target for thieves. As an attractive item, theft of record collections is increasing and as the popularity of owning such compilations grows, so does the potential risk of theft.
    This reinforces the importance of securing and maintaining an insurance policy to suit your prized possession; something our record collection insurance experts will take care of.

    Toy Collectors

    Toy collection insurance is there to protect your hobby as well as the investment of the items.

    As our experts understand, prices for various toys such as dolls and bears can be extremely significant, even more of a reason to ensure that these perishable items are covered. Many categories of toy fall into a vulnerability to damage. Whether that is from fire, smoke, water or genuine accident, a Tollgate Private Client toy collection insurance policy will compensate against these.

    Additionally, holding a high price tag, a toy collection is often very attractive to criminals and thieves and if specialist toy collection cover is not in place, the risk is that a common household insurance policy simply won’t offer the insurance required to ensure the best protection for your toy collection.

    Speak to our team today to discuss your insurance requirements.

    Pop and Sport Memorabilia Collections

    The market for sporting and popular music collectables is ever-growing and there are many, many items of memorabilia available.

    As insurers we know that this kind of memorabilia can involve a great deal of personal attachment – which can increase the worry associated with ownership. At Tollgate Private Clients we ensure that our clients have total peace of mind knowing that their memorabilia insurance cover is expertly arranged.

    We cover pop and sport memorabilia collections of all types – clothing, stage props, promotional materials, records and celebrity items.

    To talk about your needs and to get a quote for your memorabilia insurance contact us

    Books Collections

    A book collection can range from scrolls to manuscripts and from calligraphic books to limited edition novels and is an interest that has existed for many years.

    Book collection insurance is vital in order to protect and correctly value your collection that may have taken years to build. Some collections are passed on through families, increasing the sentimental aspect, something our collection insurance experts understand and empathise.

    Our clients enjoy the individual service that our experts provide whilst working with you to secure the most relevant level of cover for your book collection. Leaning on long-term relationships with key underwriters and valuers, means that our specialists are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to truly understand your requirements, building a collections insurance policy to your exact needs.

    Please contact us to discuss your literature collection insurance.

    Guitar Collections

    With the same passion our clients have for music and their guitar collection, at Tollgate Private Clients our passion is providing peace of mind and security. Playing a guitar isn’t just a hobby for some, it is a career and instrument that has shaped their life.

    A guitar collection insurance policy removes the worry should something happen to your beloved instruments. The Tollgate Private Clients team understand the importance of knowing that your guitars can be repaired or perhaps, replaced should you need to make a claim.
    Our experts will identify the exact cover to suit your needs and lifestyle whilst at the same time ensuring that the collection is correctly valued.

    Guitar collection insurance is there to compensate you should you suffer a financial loss from damage, or theft. This could occur from accidents in the home or possibly be stolen. Without insuring your guitar collection, should the worst happen, any repairs or replacements will be down to the individual.

    With Tollgate Private Clients, you will receive a first class service from your dedicated account manager. They will guide you through every part of the process and remain constant during any claim procedure. They remove the hassle that can attach itself to sourcing the best cover for your guitar collection.

    Speak with us today to discuss your exact requirements.

    Coin Collector

    As a coin collector insurance specialist, Tollgate Private Clients provide bespoke collection insurance created and built around your specific needs.

    Alongside an account manager who is dedicated to securing the best level of protection for your coin collection, cover is provided for potential damage to and theft of your coins.

    Our insurance experts have maintained vital relationships with integral underwriters and valuers and will work with you to ensure that your coin collection is completely covered, to your exact needs.
    Coin collections can take many years to accumulate and the Tollgate Private Clients team truly understand the sentimental and financial investment that occurs with such collections.

    Having the right insurance for your coin collection will remove any worry you may have surrounding your beloved coins and our team will apply their collection insurance knowledge whist creating your individual cover.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your coin collection insurance.

    Figurine Collector

    It is important to insure your collection accordingly with specialist insurance collection experts. From start to finish, the team at Tollgate Private Clients will assist with every aspect of your policy.
    From ensuring your collection is valued correctly, to guiding you through any claim, our experts are on hand to offer a first-class service.
    A unique figurine collection warrants a bespoke insurance policy, specifically built around the owner and the individual collection itself.

    Being prepared with appropriate cover for your figurines, offers peace of mind and reassurance that, should it be needed, the insurance policy will compensate for any damage to and theft of your figuring collection.
    Damage can take place accidentally or it could be a result of a flood or fire all situations that are mostly uncontrollable.

    The one thing you can control is having the right insurance.

    Why is figurine collector insurance important?

    Tollgate Private Client executives have spent years building vital relationships with underwriters who will offer our clients the most accurate level of cover, specific to their needs.

    Our team will also have access to trusted and respected valuers and with this knowledge are able to offer terms and policies that are a true reflection of the investment of your figurine collection.

    Wine & Spirit Collection

    Home collections of wine and spirits are increasing but with access to such collections, it exposes the risks.

    Insuring your wine or spirit collection with a specialist insurer such as Tollgate Private Clients, offers the reassurance should it become damaged or even stolen.
    Damage to bottles, labels, storage facilities and transit accidents are some risks to factor into why a bespoke collection insurance policy is worthwhile.

    The experts at Tollgate Private Clients will assess each client on an individual basis and the insurance cover offered will be tailored around your collection and lifestyle.

    A fine wine or whiskey develops with age and as they become increasingly more delicate, the investment warrants specialist advice and insurance.

    Our polices are crafted around our clients. From start to finish, your account manager is available to remove any stressful situations and will source the most appropriate level of cover to suit your needs.

    Tollgate Private Clients can curate a wine or whiskey collection insurance policy as stand alone or compliment it around a portfolio of various collections you may have.

    To discuss your specific insurance requirements please contact us today.

    Collectable Antiques

    Antique collections may consist of rare or sentimental items, reinforcing the importance of making sure they are correctly insured with specialist antique collection cover.

    Arranging specific insurance for your antiques with Tollgate Private Clients couldn’t be easier. Our experts offer an account managed service, providing guidance and reassurance throughout your journey with us.

    Many clients remain with us for years, taking advantage of the first-class service and enjoying the peace of mind gained by allowing our executives to truly understand their lifestyle and specific insurance needs.

    Specialist antique collection insurance will provide cover for your antiques and our team will ensure your items are correctly valued. The importance of a correctly valued collection allows our experts to work alongside key industry underwriters and build a bespoke insurance policy that will truly match your antiques collection.

    Our insurance executives are knowledgeable in antique collectibles and can source cover for a vast range of risks.
    Speak with us to find out more.

    Car Collection Insurance

    Tollgate Private Clients insures some of the most exclusive vehicle collections, including classic car insurance and it is the origin of our passion.
    From the beginning, we realised that insurance was about lifestyle and following this philosophy, we are now more knowledgeable than ever to truly understand and appreciate what it means to own a collection of cars.

    We’ve built specific schemes designed for collections of a vast range of vehicles and are able to sync bespoke cover to competitive premiums and first class, account managed service.

    Our clients trust us to take care of their most prized car collections and in return we create effective insurance cover to meet the needs of their specific lifestyle.

    Car collection insurance cover can be matched to individual client requirement and our account managers will ensure that your insurance remains accurate and correctly valued in relation to the current market.

    We can explore extensions to the cover to fully compliment your collection such as security and storage, making sure your car collection insurance is truly tailored to you.

    Doll Collection

    Tollgate Private Clients doll collection insurance is available today.

    As the popularity of doll collections increases, unfortunately so does the attraction to thieves. A relevant insurance policy will cover your dolls should the collection be tampered with or stolen and our executives understand that although not all dolls are replaceable, having the compensation for the investment brings peace of mind to collection owners.

    A specialist doll collection insurance policy will also cover you against accidental damage, fire or flood. These are all risk factors that your dedicated account manager will guide you through when discussing your individual requirements.