Doll Collection Insurance

Doll Collector Insurance

At Tollgate Private Clients we specialise in providing insurance for High Net Worth Individuals and, as a result, we provide cover for many individuals with valuable collections – including doll collections. Although an individual valuable doll may be included with a standard Home and Contents insurance policy, collections – especially those including specialist and valuable items – may not. If you’d like advice on your doll collection insurance, give Tollgate Private Clients a call or click below for more information.

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Collectible dolls are among the most popular and widely held collectibles and generally fall into three categories: antique, vintage, and modern.


Antique Collectible Dolls

Most antique dolls were made to look like adults and came with removable clothing. However, some dolls, particularly French bébé dolls and German ‘dolly-faced’ dolls, were made to look like children. Antique dolls, like modern dolls, were made as children's toys and so usually show at least some damage and wear. How much depends on what the doll was made of and, of course, how carefully it was handled by its original owner! From an insurance point of view some antique dolls – especially those in excellent condition – can carry the highest valuations and so require specialist cover.


Vintage Doll Collections

Generally speaking vintage collectible dolls were produced between 1930 and roughly 1980. This category includes some of the most famous collectible dolls – Barbie and Cindy. While many of these dolls were made of composites, vinyl, or plastic, cloth was also common, particularly for dolls designed for very young children. Cabbage Patch Kids started a major collectables fad in the 1980s, largely because of the wide range of variations that were made and the fact that each one was unique. The dolls all came with signed birth certificates so they became highly collectable.


Many modern dolls are simply continuations of vintage doll lines, such as Barbie, Madame Alexander, and Strawberry Shortcake, and some, such as Ginny and Raggedy Ann and Andy, are based on well-known antique doll lines.


Insuring Doll Collections

At Tollgate Private Clients we work with specialist valuers and experts to ensure doll collections are correctly appraised and valued to protect them against fire, theft and damage. We also work with the UK’s best known underwriters to ensure that your collection is correctly and expertly covered. For the peace of mind or knowing you have expert insurance cover in place for your doll collection contact Tollgate Private Clients today.


What we cover
  • • Doll collections
  • • Toy collections
  • • Coin collections
  • • Guitar collections
  • • Wine and spirit collections
  • • Car collections


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