Record Collection Insurance

Record collection insurance

Record Collection Insurance Cover

Although smaller record collections can be included in a standard Home Contents insurance policy, those with large, rare and valuable record collections will require the services of a specialist insurer. Tollgate Private Clients has the expertise and experience to value and insure your vinyl collection. For more information call us or make an enquiry today.

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Tollgate Private Clients Record Collection Insurance

To those of a certain age, vinyl records were an essential part of growing up. It’s said that the music you love when you’re 16 will always hold a special place in your heart (as will a deep suspicion of what today’s 16 year olds are listening to!). Although for many people their record collection has long since departed for the charity shop or for the attic, for others these collections have grown into something far more. Although some collectors are dedicated to the music and the memories, others now view record collections as an investment and with prices for rare vinyl reaching new heights, it’s clear to see why record collections now require specialist insurance. At Tollgate Private Clients we specialise in providing bespoke insurance for collectors. We can provide the expert valuations and cover to insure your record collections are covered.


Collector Insurance


The History of Record Collecting

In the earliest years, phonographs and the recordings that were played on them (initially wax phonograph cylinders and followed by flat shellac discs) were mostly owned the wealthy and collectors. However, by the 1920s, improvements in the manufacturing processes, both in players and recordings, meant that the man and woman in the street could enjoy recorded sound. After the phonograph cylinder became obsolete, the familiar (if you’re over the age of 40) flat, circular record became the uncontested sound medium for decades. The number of available recordings increased as did a the number of companies pressing records increased. Although initially running at 78rpm, by the 1950’s the more familiar 33rpm album and 45rpm single began taking over. These new teenager-friendly formats, the rise of rock’n’roll, pop, rock and many more meant that the record, and record cover, as cultural icons were assured.


record collection


Whatever Your Vinyl Collection, We Can Help

Today, record collections covering genres (or subgenres), artists (or producers, conductors or other performers), recording labels (or sublabels)periods (or music movements), formats, specialisms, pressings, promos, reissues and bootlegs are all popular with collectors and we’re happy to insure all these collections with the same meticulous care.

What we cover
  • • Family fleet
  • • Executive saloons
  • • 4×4s
  • • High performance vehicles
  • • Super cars
  • • Motorcycles including (Superbikes)
  • • Track day cars
  • • Modified vehicles
  • • Motorhomes


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Tollgate Private Clients Insurance

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