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Insurance to cover Stamp collections

Stamp Collector's Insurance

Collectors with cherished stamp collections should always seek the guidance of an experienced insurance broker.
Tollgate Private Clients has extensive experience looking after the interests of clients with expensive and rare stamp collections.

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Insuring Stamp Collections

While less valuable collections can be included within home insurance policies (within a collectables and art section), those with large or expensive collections should seek expert assistance and specialist stamp collector’s insurance. This is an expert field which requires expert insurance advice and cover to ensure the correct value of your collection is understood and agreed by all parties.

At Tollgate Private Clients we work with professional valuers who will ensure your collection is correctly valued. (Without this, general insurers will often rely on the Stanley Gibbons catalogue price and most insurers will not pay out any more than 75% of the current Stanley Gibbons book value).

The stamp collections and related items we insure include:

  • • First Day Covers. A set of franked stamps, on an envelope.
  • • Commemorative stamps – special editions.
  • • Franked stamps – also called cancelled stamps which are often more valuable if they have a rare or unusual postmark.
  • • Unfranked stamps (stamps in mint condition).
  • • Mini-sheets. Sets of stamps, surrounded by a decorative, explanatory sheets.
  • • Themed stamp sets.
  • • The value of the album itself. Some of these can be collectable in themselves and quite valuable.

Please note. Many insurers require stamps to be presented in an album – not loose.


Collector Insurance


Tollgate Private Clients Stamp Collection Cover

Often viewed as a trusted investment, securing the best insurance for your stamp collection is essential.

At Tollgate Private Clients, our experts work hard to create a bespoke philatelist insurance policy that provides peace of mind to those looking for the best protection.

Our staff understand the years of collecting and effort put into stamps and will create a tailored insurance policy for your exact collection.
A unique collection deserves unique insurance.

Our account managers will guide you through the insurance application, removing the hassle, taking care of everything and if the worst happens, they will manage the process effectively.

To talk about your insurance needs and to get a quote for your stamp collection, contact us today.

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