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Fidelity insurance is common protection for employers looking to safeguard themselves from a loss of money due to the dishonesty of employees (when employees commit an act of fraud). Acts of fraud include; voiding cash registers, thief of materials or cash, diversion of cheques, fictitious invoices and suppliers, forgery, overstated billings, misuse of company assets.

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What is fidelity insurance?
The risk of fraud will always exist as there is no liable way to stop it. Having fidelity insurance will reduce the risk of the company losing out on a lot of potential income.

A fidelity insurance policy will cover the insured business from any loss sustained by a current employee’s fraudulent actions. This loss can be either money or assets.

What Fidelity insurance do I need?

If you are a smaller organisation:

  • • An individual policy will cover a person for one determined amount of money.
  • • A collective policy will provide cover for a group of employees that are within the same organisation and the amount of guarantee will be decided by that organisation.

    If you are a larger organisation:

  • • A floater policy requires an organisation to insure more than 5 of their employees as a single sum of money is drawn in consideration of the liability of the employees and insurance company.
  • • A blanket policy draws employees into groups that represents their overall risk. Large and established organisations are issued this policy.
Do I really need fidelity insurance?

As a business owner fidelity insurance is one way to have peace of mind should you ever require protection from fraudulent actions committed employees.

Dishonesty and fraud can never be eradicated but, if you have the right insurance cover, the risk is reduced dramatically. For more information on our Fraud Protection insurance services please contact us.

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