Prestige and Performance Car Insurance

Prestige & Performance Car policy

Prestige and Performance Car Insurance

Our business was founded on providing prestige and high value car insurance. It’s an area in which we have years of experience.

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Prestige and Performance Car Insurance

We are performance car insurance specialists with expert knowledge in bespoke car insurance to match your exact requirements.

No matter how treasured or rare your vehicle, you can be completely confident we will provide you with the best insurance policy available. We insure everyday vehicles and family fleets too, so whether you need cover for a Mini or a Bugatti or even a McLaren MP4, we will source the perfect policy.

As you would expect, we offer a wide selection of fleet policies and a suite of value added products to meet your every need. These commonly include track cover, foreign cover and vehicle transportation cover. All of our policies come with gold standard Roadside and Home Start recovery cover should you ever need it as well as the option to drive other vehicles.

We are performance car insurance specialists with expert knowledge in bespoke car insurance to match your exact requirements and insure a plethora of prestige and performance cars.

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What we cover
  • • McLaren
  • • Ferrari
  • • Buggatti
  • • Koenigsegg
  • • Lamborghini
  • • Rolls-Royce
  • • TVR
  • • Porshce
  • • Maserati
  • • Audi

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    We are performance car insurance specialists with expert knowledge in bespoke car insurance to match your exact requirements.
    Here are just some of the prestige and performance cars we insure:

    McLaren P1 Supercar insurance

    McLaren Car Insurance

    McLaren Automotive manufacture a range of cars that they categorise as the Sports, Super, and Ultimate Series.


    Very Rare Ferrari 125S

    Ferrari Car Insurance

    Ferrari is a renown Italian luxury and supercar manufacturer that remains as prestigious and desirable as when first introduced to F1.

    Bugatti Divo Insurance Client

    Bugatti Car Insurance

    Bugatti is a French manufacturer, owned by Volkswagen, who build exclusive high performance luxury cars like the Chiron and the @5 million Divo.

    Aston Martin Performance Car insurance

    Aston Martin Insurance

    Aston Martin is one of the very few British manufacturers of luxury sports cars. Aston Martin became a cultural icon after a DB5 was featured as a James Bond car in Goldfinger.


    Bentley Continental Flying Spur

    Bentley Car Insurance

    Bentley Motors is a British manufacturer of prestige cars like the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Bentley Motors is a subsidiary of The Volkswagen Group.

    Koenigsegg One performance car insurance

    Koenigsegg Insurance

    Koenigsegg was founded as a Swedish company to deliver a 'world class' sports car by its founder Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994.

    Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe performance Car insurance

    Lamborghini Insurance

    Noted for their refinement, power and comfort, Lamborghini was born with the intention of producing a rival to Ferrari in 1963.


    Rolls-Royce Phantom Insurance

    Rolls-Royce Insurance

    Rolls-Royce is another prestige motor manufacturer, a British status symbol known for comfort and luxury.

    TVR car insurance

    TVR Insurance

    TVR have a reputation for high performance and exclusivity not found in your average supercar.

    Cheap Porsche insurance

    Porsche Car Insurance

    Porsche is not only an iconic classic but also a modern head turner with a legendary status. Porsche insurance does not need to be expensive.


    Maserati Levante Trofeo car insurance

    Maserati Car Insurance

    Style, comfort and luxury are synonymous with the name Maserati, Tollgate Private Clients will help you find the right insurance.

    Audi R8 Supercar insurance

    Audi R8 Insurance

    Audi AG introduced the mid-engined 2 seater sports car named 'R8'in 2006. If you own an R8, we'll design a made to measure insurance policy.

    Supercar Insurance Quotes

    Supercar owners looking for cheaper car insurance are often pleasantly surprised when they first experience Tollgate Private Clients.

    You can be forgiven if the thought of having your own personal insurance advisor at hand to find or even create bespoke supercar insurance policies to cover your prized Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti or McLaren performance cars conjures up an image of excess expense, it really is not the case at Tollgate Private Clients.

    Popular comparison sites may provide online insurance quotes for supercars but they cannot compete with the savings made by having a bespoke policy to cover your exact needs. It could be fair to say that the wholesale approach to car insurance offered by the popular comparison sites are not best suited to cater for supercar owners or drivers of prestige, luxury or performance cars where a personal approach to determine your exact requirements is essential.

    Only then are you ready to receive beneficial and impartial advice on all of your insurance options.

    The assurance and peace of mind you get from being a Tollgate Private Client is priceless and often results in savings with cheaper supercar insurance policies.

    The lack of personal service from insurance caparison websites and non specialist insurers and brokers means that you might not end up with expensive policies and the cover you receive might not be as comprehensive as you need.

    For example factors such as when you drive your super car, where you drive, where you park during the day and where your vehicle is parked overnight, how miles you drive per annum all play a significant role in the level of cover and cost of insurance policy.

    You may find that Tollgate Private Clients can create a bespoke supercar policy that is cheaper than average because you only drive during the summer months and your cherished vehicle is stored in a secure garage on a gated complex in a 'low risk' area.

    Tollgate Private Clients can call their personal advisor at any reasonable time for insurance advice, form filling, change or amendment of details, claims management, instant cover plus help with any other insurance related matter.