Koenigsegg Car Insurance

Koenigsegg Car Insurance

Koenigsegg Car Insurance

Searching for the right Koenigsegg car insurance policy? Hypercars need hypercar insurance policies. Experts in specialist car insurance Tollgate Private Clients was founded to provide prestige and high value car insurance.

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Specialist Koenigsegg Insurance

As one of the most iconic and recognisable vehicles in the world, your Koenigsegg deserves an insurance policy to match.

Tollgate Private Clients are specialists in insuring performance and prestige vehicles like Koenigsegg.

Every Tollgate Private Client benefits from comprehensive bespoke insurance policies tailored specifically for prestige and performance vehicles like Koenigsegg, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Our executives are passionate about sourcing sports car and supercar insurance that competitors simply can’t match, with access to hundreds of different insurance policies, this is our standard procedure. We are as enthusiastic about your Koenigsegg as you are.

Our staff are experienced across a range of supercar insurance policies to make sure you as a driver and your vehicle are completely covered. We will provide you with your own Account Manager to make sure you have full support and guidance at any time.

In Koenigsegg’s short history, it’s already clear to see some future classics including the CCR and the CCX. Regardless which future models Koenigsegg create, you will have your own bespoke policy so you can drive comfortably, knowing that you are fully covered in all situations

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Koenigsegg Car Specialist

Koenigsegg - what it means to own one

Koenigseggs are amongst the rarest of all supercars. Literally a few hundred of these exquisite machines have ever been produced, mainly due to production costs, so fortunate owners are very aware that they have something very, very special to drive and admire.

The 1996 Koenigsegg CC prototype laid the foundations of Swedish entrepreneur Christian von Koenigsegg’s dream of building supercars for wealthy clients around the world. With accolades from Top Gear magazine as ‘Hypercar of the Year 2010’ and the Agera RS variant becoming the fastest production car of its time, Koenigsegg’s dream had come to fruition. From early V8 supercharged power units to today’s hybrids these amazing feats of motor engineering and style have consistently been enhanced to deliver raw power and lightening top speeds.

Whatever Koenigsegg you are fortunate enough to own, Tollgate Private Clients understands how important and treasured your Koenigsegg is to you.

So you can rest assured that we will provide you with a Koenigsegg insurance policy that fits you and your cars’ requirements precisely.

As a Koenigsegg owner, your insurance requirements are going to be very different from someone trying to insure an 'everyday' car, used for commuting or social and domestic use.

As a Tollgate Private Client, you will be assigned your own account manager who will be on hand whenever you need assistance. Your dedicated account handler will support your through the quotation journey and guide you through everything, from form filling to claims management.

Talk to a Koenigsegg Insurance Expert

Speak to one of our Key Contacts today to discuss bespoke insurance cover for your Koenigsegg (or any other prestige or performance car). We’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little it will cost for a fully comprehensive insurance policy to cover your cherished vehicle with a personal insurance specialist at Tollgate Private Clients.

Our dedicated prestige and performance car insurance team are expert in understanding the needs and requirements of Koenigsegg owners.

Your policy will be arranged by your personal account manager. You need only ever talk to just one person at Tollgate Private Clients who will take care of everything for you.

You'll even be supplied your agent’s mobile telephone number to contact them at any time about any insurance related matter.

Koenigsegg and prestige car collections

At Tollgate Private Clients we understand that your Koenigsegg supercar may well form part of a larger performance car collection. Koenigsegg car collections may well include a combination of a modern classic Koenigsegg such as Koenigsegg CCX together with a more modern example such as a brand new Koenigsegg Gemera.

These supercars may also be combined with the owners ‘daily driver’ and other performance vehicles. Many of our clients choose to insure all of their prestige cars with us to get the complete peace of mind that their supercar collection is in safe hands.

Our comprehensive multi-car insurance policies will accommodate your Koenigsegg and any other precious cars that you own, saving you time and money on your performance car insurance. Classic Koenigsegg insurance policies may well include benefits such as agreed value, limited mileage discounts and Koenigsegg Owners Club member discount.

Koenigsegg hyperCar insurance

With access to hundreds of insurance schemes for various supercars and long-term relationships with exclusive, reputable insurers, your Koenigsegg will have an insurance policy tailored to you and your individual requirements. Your treasured car is in safe hands with Tollgate Private Clients and our expertise ensures that you are covered in any eventuality.

Koenigsegg Car Cover

What we cover

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  • • Executive saloons
  • • 4×4s
  • • High performance vehicles
  • • Super cars
  • • Motorcycles including (Superbikes)
  • • Track day cars
  • • Modified vehicles
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